Artist Statement

How Skinny People Eat Salad continues and evolves as a body of work.

Artist Jennifer Bohmbach shows the results from eating different food and how that manifests in a human body in Skinny People Eat Salad.


The photographs prove out our greatest fears. We need to eat healthy food to have a healthy body. Society also has to acknowledge the limitations to this lifestyle and the moral implications of ensuring that all citizens have access to these choices. We aren’t there yet.The SPES journey illustrates a transformation. Food is a drug and we all take it. Understand the input.


IMG_20150515_100929Friday, May 15, 2015 marked the 200th week of the Skinny People [ ] Weekly Headshot. (formerly Skinny People Eat Salad)

The head shots started at the beginning of the project and help to mark the time that has passed.

The project is an ongoing body of work. Collections are being created as I go. Only one early public exhibit has occurred so far.

>> View the Food - Start & Begin Transition collection


Friday, May 30, 2014 marked the 150th week of the Skinny People Eat Salad Weekly Headshot.

The head shots started at the beginning of the project and help to mark the time that has passed. The photo collection illustrates some of that and a sampling of body photos that have been taken throughout the process.

For overall context, food photography and documentation is an ongoing ritual of the project. None of those images are included in this set. 

>> View the SPES 150 set.



October 2012 marked the initial showing of some of the first Skinny People Eat Salad Photos.

The images were part of the 2012 Wing Young Huie Salon Show from October – November 2012. The artist, Jennifer Bohmbach, aka evoljennifer, is both a photographer and digital designer interested in visual, aesthetic connections as well as process-based thinking.









IMG_1646April 2013 was the point in time when a makeover could occur to heighten the physical transformation. These photos document the sequence and event. 


These images are transformation Skinny People Eat Salad Photos.



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