An artistic and photographic exploration of human attachment to objects
Artist Statement
Humans are attached to objects. We hang on to things even when they have no function. Objects help us recall special people, places, times in our life. Objects serve as a memory trigger. I wanted to ask myself what would happen if the objects were photographed. With the photo of the object in your possession, was the object still required? Could we shed these physical things from our life if we knew we had a trusted way to keep everything that was attached to that object emotionally but did not have to continue to store and care for the physical object? This project sets out to encapsulate the objects and the memory into a single delivery source, a book.

The ability to take hundreds of physical objects and encapsulate the essence of those objects is something only the medium of photography can help us to achieve. The objects of (my) desire are still accessible and the memories are preserved and the individual is free from the weight of the physical possession.

Project Background

The objects in this version of the work are all personal pieces that I chose and shed during the 2009-2010 remodel of my home. Going through this process forced me to think about my physical space and the objects that surround me. Each object has a corresponding story that appears in the book with the object. The objects are paired throughout with their story.

The pairs signify transition. The interplay of the objects and the stories relate these items to each other to provide a deeper context and through line.

The full exhibit includes 40 objects. The project that triggered the art work happened during my 40th year.

The best part of the exhibition is that is can be applied to anyone’s life. You could do this too. Photograph the object and preserve the memory.

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